Welcome to Dim Sum Central!

Welcome to Dim Sum Central!

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Welcome to Dim Sum Central! I’m Wes Radez, and I’m so happy that you’re here.

This is a site with recipes, dining tips and reviews to help you enjoy dim sum at the restaurant and at home.

My love of dim sum began when I was a curious child peering into steamers amidst the happy cacophony of New York dim sum halls. During college, I started taking friends along for Sunday morning trips to Chinatown. In recent years, I finally learned how to cook dim sum for myself.

Dim Sum Central is my effort to share my passion for dim sum and pass along the cultural inheritance I’m so lucky to have. You are welcome here — let’s do this together.

Here’s How to Use Dim Sum Central

Dim Sum Central is organized into sections for dim sum diners and dim sum chefs.

The dining section contains everything you need to enjoy a delicious dim sum meal at a restaurant. Start with my simple introduction to dim sum and scout a destination from reviews of the best dim sum restaurants in the United States. Finally, keep my dim sum menu guide in front of you while you order and pair your selections with the perfect tea.

The cooking section contains the most comprehensive set of authentic dim sum recipes online. The 38 recipes are classified into sections for Steamed Dishes, Fried & Baked Dishes, Noodles & Special Dishes and Dessert Dishes. For each dim sum recipe, you’ll find background information about the dish, cooking tips, a shopping list and a step-by-step tutorial for preparing the dish at home.

Here’s How to Get Started

Before you leave today, I recommend signing up for the Dim Sum Central newsletter. You’ll get my Dim Sum Menu Guide and then receive recipes, dining tips and restaurant reviews throughout the year. You’ll get suggestions for easy dim sum dishes to prepare at home, ways to celebrate Chinese holidays and other foodie resources to help you bring dim sum into your daily life.

What You’ll Find At Dim Sum Central

Dim Sum Central has more than 60 recipes, restaurant reviews and articles dedicated to helping you enjoy dim sum. I hope that Dim Sum Central becomes your destination for simple, straightforward dim sum resources that you can easily use at home and at the restaurant.

To give you a sense of what you’ll find at Dim Sum Central, here are some of the most popular articles on the site:

As you are browsing the site, I hope you’ll use your visit as the first step in your own dim sum journey. Enjoy your first meal, invite friends to a new dining experience and then try cooking dim sum at home for yourself.

Thanks very much for visiting today.

Wes Radez

8 Responses

  1. Debbie Hanson

    Please get on social media, Facebook & pinterest please! I must be GF (gluten-free) & Paleo, do you adapt your recipes at all, or can suggest alternatives please?

    • Dim Sum Central

      Hi Debbie, thanks for your note! I’ve been wanting to get onto social media for sure! Picking out GF and Paleo-friendly recipes sounds like a wonderful blog post. I’ll look into it!

  2. ljstein!@neo.rr.com

    Hi Wes,

    Finally…someone who shares my passion for Dim Sum! Question: can you substitute corn starch for taro flour?

    • Dim Sum Central

      Thanks for your note and welcome! For which recipe would you like to substitute cornstarch for taro flour? ~Wes

  3. er

    Please add best dim sum restaurants orange county, ca to your options – we have a vast number of dim sum options and would love to see your recommendations. we get stuck going to the same places. what would be your top 3 in the oc?

    • Dim Sum Central

      Thank you for that suggestion! I hope to add the OC during this upcoming summer! ~Wes

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