Links and Additional Resources

Links and Additional Resources

I’m always on the lookout for blogs, stores and products promoting contemporary Chinese culture and sharing a sensibility that’s fresh and focused on quality, yet mindful of tradition.

Here are my favorites (listed in alphabetical order within each category).

Awesome Food Sites

  • Appetite for China — Fresh and simple Chinese cooking. My go to site for Cantonese recipes.
  • The Hong Kong Cookery — Cooking and eating good food that comes straight from a teensy tiny six foot by three and a half foot Hong Kong kitchen.
  • Red Bean Box — Gourmet Asian snacks delivered monthly.

Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Banana Magazine — A fashion-forward magazine creating a voice for contemporary Asian culture.
  • Chinaful Blog — A bridge to all things China, primarily for Americans doing business in China.
  • Chinese American Family — Chinese customs, traditions and culture made easier.
  • Speaking of China — A blog about love, family and relationships in China.
  • Red Egg and Ginger Party — Everything you need to know about attending or hosting the Chinese celebration of a baby’s one month birthday.

Great Stores and Products

  • Bundshop — The best in contemporary Chinese design for industrial, fashion, home and tea products.
  • Goods of Desire — Hong Kong-inspired cultural gifts.
  • Jade Chocolates — Artisan chocolates with an Asian and Pacific Island influence.
  • Paper Tiger Shanghai — Beautiful wrapping paper designed by a Chinese American living in Shanghai.
  • Red Blossom Tea Company — A family owned gourmet tea merchant in the heart of San Francisco Chinatown.
  • Shanghai Tang — Arguably the pre-eminent Chinese luxury brand.
  • Tranquil Tuesdays — A Beijing-based social enterprise dedicated to showcasing China’s finest teas.

Perspectives on Multicultural Living

  • Bicultural Mama — Celebrating the best of both worlds from a bicultural Chinese American mom’s perspective.
  • HapaMama — Parenting, Asian American issues and food from a Taiwanese American mom.

HT: Header image from Lincoln Barbour in “Chinese Kitchen for Oregon Home.”

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