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Dim Sum Recipes

Dim Sum Recipes

We’ve compiled the most comprehensive database of authentic dim sum recipes available online. Each recipe includes a complete ingredient list, detailed step-by-step instructions, videos and other expert resources. Click the links below to start creating your favorite dishes in your own kitchen or browse our entire catalog that’s helpfully organized into Steamed Dishes, Fried & Baked Dishes, Noodles & Special Dishes and Dessert Dishes.

Dim Sum Restaurants

Dim Sum Restaurants

We’ve canvassed the country for the best dim sum restaurants in the United States. At each stop, we conducted the same research you would do, if you were dropping into town for the weekend and needed a dim sum fix. What you’ll find for each of the cities below is a shortlist of 5 restaurants worthy of further investigation, according to Chowhound, Yelp, Reddit and local restaurant critics. Click through the links to read more reviews and determine what’s best right now.

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